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pizza worship

Delicious Pizza!We love pizza.  We’ve been working on perfecting it for years!  It’s an endless mission, but we love a challenge.  Our original pizza dough is great, but I’ve got another one I’ve been working on.  We’re always trying new toppings.  I think I’ll try using the roasted butternut squash or Laura’s bacon jam next time.  Now my mouth is watering.

Wood Fired Pizza OvenWe love pizza so much, we had to build a wood fired pizza oven in our back yard.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of work!  We finished in just under 6 months, thanks to my genius Dad and wonderful Sunshine.   Check out our journey on my new blog, Marge-Alicious Morsels.  I’ve actually moved Marge-Alicious Morsels to a new location and added some cool features and a new look.   You’ll have to re-subscribe to the new site, but I promise it will be worth your trouble.

Miss PaigeyHey Mom, Paigey needs a new dress.

2 thoughts on “pizza worship

  1. Thanks Margaret! You are such a great & creative chef! Your pizza oven looks fantastic! Love, Aunt Dee

    Sent from Dee’s iPhone 5

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