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party prep…peppadews

We’re having friends over for dinner tonight.   Just a few…and now a few more.  Now it’s a nice cozy group of 10.  Oh Sunshine!  Who else did you invite?

I love getting the text…are we still on for tonight?  Sunshine is always inviting friends for dinner.  Sometimes he just forgets to tell me about it.  Not that I mind.  I love it!

Soooo…I got up early this morning to get the party prep started.  Actually, Paige demanded  that I get up to feed her breakfast at 5AM!  God bless her.

The s’mores peppermint ice cream cake is ready to rock and roll, I’ll post about that later.  Now these little gems are ready to go.  They’re cheese stuffed peppadew peppers. Continue reading “party prep…peppadews”