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Buddha’s hand

Check out what Veronica grew.  It’s Buddha’s hand, also known as fingered citron.  How rad is that?

The fruit…She said it’s basically all peel, no juice or meat inside.  It’s like a bitter orange, or lemon.  I get it, orange….only bitter.  Well, maybe I don’t really get it.

Veronica candied the peel in a simple syrup.  Then she separated the candied fruit and the syrup.  She will probably use it in a fruit cake.  But the syrup….that’s a cocktail in the making.  Vodka, Buddha’s hand syrup, maybe a splash of pomegranate juice (cuz it’s the new cranberry juice, like red is the new black or something).  Shake it, serve it.  Now you’ve got my interest.

Buddha's Hand on FoodistaBuddha’s Hand

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