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Veronica’s fabulous truffles

Veronica’s been busy in the kitchen.  Check out her fabulous truffles.  I asked her for the recipe and this is what she gave me:

Veronica’s fabulous chocolate truffles

The truffles are by eying..
I started with Scharffenberger dark chocolate…(big bar- 9.7 ounce) (It was too dark for my liking so I added a small scharffen berger semi-sweet (3 ounce)…  then I added 2 Tablespoons of butter….   swirled it about….  and added in about 1 cup of cream…  maybe a little more…  watching for the consistency I like and color…  I used a whisk..
Refrigerated that until firm enough to work with…  rolled into balls, refrigerated again…  then I dipped in Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate darker than their usual… with 3 Tablespoons of butter…  I do my own style of tempering the chocolate..

A lot of work and people here are eating them up!  (Joey, Mike, Michele, Grace and Papa Joe)  Mike dipped his in the caramel (I left some in a bowl)

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