Nick-San in Cabo San Lucas

The last time we were in Cabo San Lucas was 5 years ago.  Too long to stay away.  Nick-San was recommended to use back then, we had dinner there and loved it.  We were definitely looking forward to going back on this trip.  We went to Nick-San the second night we were in Cabo, and had such a great dinner.  It’s definitely not your run of the mill sushi.  All of the sauces are unique and inventive.  We met Jorge at the end of our first night there.  We wanted to try more sushi, but were too full.  Jorge told us he would take care of us the next time we came, starting with half plates so that we could really get a good sampling of all of the amazing sushi.

Jorge is awesome.  He totally hooked us up with some amazing sushi.  He’s a chef at Nic-San and makes all of the sauces.  He also likes to work the front of the house.  Here are some of the amazing dishes we had.

Tuna tostada.  Pacific Ocean yellowfin tuna, served on a rice cracker, with avocado, habanero-infused red onion and sesame seeds.
Sashimi Cilantro.  Sea bass seared with olive oil and green tea salt, served with cilantro sauce and a ribbon of spicy chile oil and sliced avocado.

Clear Lobster Roll.  Lobster tempura inside mixed greens, avocado, mango and cilantro, wrapped in soy bean paper and servd on a mustard sauce with curry oil sauce.

Tuna Black and White Sashimi.  Tuna filet seared with olive oil, black and white sesame seeds, chopped red onion , chives and ponzu sauce.

Seabass.  I don’t even know what was in this one, but I do remember it being spectacular.   The sake and kirin ichiban beer was awesome too.  Can’t wait to go back to Cabo for a little more Nick-San!  And we’ll be looking for Jorge.

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