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Balsamic Caviar?

You’ve heard of “Julie and Julia”, the blog, the book and then the movie.  Now there’s Marge and Michael.

Michael Chiarello’s new cook book,  Bottega…Bold Italian Flavors from the Heart of California’s Wine Country, has just been released, and I had to get it.  Lucky for me, on Wednesday Michael had a book signing at Napa Style, his store in South Coast Plaza.   He signed my book, gave me a hug and told me to “just keep cooking, Sweetheart”.  He’s very hot and sexy, but not as hot and sexy as my sweet Sunshine.

I was blown away by the crazy balsamic caviar he used in his updated version of a caprese salad in my fabulous new cookbook.  I immediately ordered the caviar making tool and the gold gelatin leaves to try it out.  I had never used gelatin sheets before, turns out it was pretty easy.  Check it out.

I made a mixture of balsamic vinegar and gold leaf gelatin, and let that rest for an hour.  At the same time, I put grape seed oil in a large glad container and let chill in the freezer.

Add the balsamic mixture to the bottom tray of the caviar maker.

Cover with top half of the caviar maker.

Create a suction by pulling the syringe back, pulling the balsamic mixture into the individual caviar pods.

Lift the top half of the caviar maker, and place over the chilled grape seed oil.

Slowly press the syringe to release small drops of balsamic mixture into the chilled oil.

Freeze the balsamic caviar in oil for a couple of minutes.

Remove from oil with a slotted spoon or mesh sieve.

Place into a dish that has been chilled.

And we have balsamic caviar!

I’ve used it on top of strawberry ice cream too!  Check out Marge-Alcious Morsels for a video on how to use the caviar maker and how to make strawberry ice cream using dry ice!

Balsamic Vinegar on FoodistaBalsamic Vinegar

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